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A1 Card is the Eco-friendly, Sustainable & Smartest digital Business Card on the planet earth. Our cutting-edge technology and integrations reshape how the entire world connects and build better relationships. Networking with A1 Card offers a unique start to a conversation along with a long lasting first impression.
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What's our vision

At A1 Card, we celebrate the richness of who we are in every aspect of our lives while reducing waste and carbon footprint associated with traditional paper business cards. Our mission is to empower individuals & professionals to make better connections, build meaningful relationships, and ultimately help them grow their network while making our planet earth better place to live on.

Magic just a tap away!

Connecting with a new clients or friends require only a tap to back of their phone, without any App, how cool! With Unlimited usage at single lifetime cost, A1 card allows you to share anything, from your contact info to your website and even all of your social media accounts, business portfolios along with photos and videos.


Pratik Kakadiya

Operations & Marketing

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Nick Savaliya

Sales & Accounts

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