Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing our products, if you have other questions, please just send it to We'll reply in 24 hours.
A: Tap or Scan
Tap or Scan A1 card to your smartphone.

B: Email Verification & Password Setup:

For Business or Organisation Users: Select Organisation and then Enter your Organisation Code, department (Type Other if not sure), and your Email address. Once done, setup a password for your A1 card Account. (Email & Password both are case sensitive)

For Individual Users: Select Individual and then Enter your Email address and hit send, then you will receive an OTP code in your email, enter that OTP and you will be redirected to set up Password. Once Password set up is done, simply log out from phone device.
A. We Recommend using Laptop or Desktop for this dashboard profile setup part for your convenience.

B. Open your Internet browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc) and in address bar type: & Enter your Email & Password that you have set up and Click on Sign in. (Email & Password both are case sensitive)

C. You will see same as below screen

D. Then Click on blue circled icon to edit profile

E. Select any template options from following: Custom Link, Smart Card, Website Templates

F. Now start filling up your content or Information

G. Once info is filled up, Select Design options from below design templates

H. Now design is selected, so click on “Save” & “Save as default Profile”

I. Now you are all set, Happy Tapping! Hurray! Once Profile setup is done, you are ready to unleash the power of one tap! Show the world how to connect and network in smart, efficient, and sustainable way with just a single tap!
A. In Profile dashboard editing page, click on ‘+’ icon, squared in blue

B. A Box will pop up, enter profile name & select your preferred card type and hit next

C. To See all your profiles, click on the profile name

Go to and login with your A1 Card Credentials

1. Click on this ellipsis (three dots)
2. Click on “Switch Profile” option
3. Select the profile you wish to change to default or current

A. Go to and login with your A1 Card Credentials

Active insurance = will get free replacement card
Non-active or No Insurance = will have to buy one

1) Click on this ellipsis (three dots) and then click on “Lost card” to report stolen and order replacement card

(Disclaimer: This next option will delete all your data and will deactivate your card; you will only be given replacement card if you have insurance active under your account or else you will have to make another purchase)

2) Click on “delete card” option.

1. Log in to your dashboard.
2. Navigate to your profile.
3. Click on Pencil icon on your purchased product.

4. Click on "Custom Link"

5. Copy your URL in it.

Done! When you tap your mobile on it, you'll see that URL opening.
Note: You can change that URL anytime you want.
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